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I am a writer who used to be a Chartered Accountant, so the game has completely changed. I still sit at a desk, but the number keys on my keyboard are no longer worn out with constant use. I rattle away on word-processing software as opposed to designing spreadsheets and compiling accounts. Happiness is… converting all the images and ideas in my imagination into written words and sharing them with my readers.

I love reading stories in which the unexpected happens or things go wrong. Life is full of such twists. So when I began writing ‘Losing Time’ it was more or less inevitable that these two elements would play a major part.



'Losing Time’ was conceived in Ireland. In 2005 on a visit to County Wexford I stayed in the same hotel where my late father had spent time in the 1930s. In those pre-war days it was still a private house, and he was a close friend of the family who lived there. My father died a long time ago, and I longed to ask him about what it had been like when he was a guest at this beautiful place in Ireland. One morning I spied a small door in the corner of an elegant room, unmarked and therefore private. I wondered what lay behind the door and imagined walking through it into the past, finding my youthful father in the next room...


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My Books

People don’t vanish without a reason.


They may be trapped in another time or a strange place, or not on Earth at all; but why would all of these happen to one family?


Helen’s father failed to return from a day trip he made to Oxford in 1984. Twenty one years later Helen travels to Ireland following a clue to his disappearance, but her mundane life as an accountant ends abruptly when she falls through a trans-dimension portal and finds herself in a fortress on Dartmoor.


Behind the confusion someone is hunting not only Helen, but the child her father was trying to bring home: her twin brother Leo. And the eccentric alien people who befriend Helen are also under threat. So when Helen reappears in her workplace with a stranger, things begin to spiral out of control…





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The Paperback...



NOW AVAILABLE: a paperback edition of 'Losing Time', for readers who prefer to hold and enjoy handling a book. Sometimes an e-book is no substitute! This is no run-of-the-mill edition, but a beautifully produced paperback.


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My Blog

My blog is a place where I post articles and photos. Each post contains at least one photo of something which has inspired me to write about it, a reminiscence or a current happening, and a (sometimes spurious) link to my current novel. I am fascinated by the human mind and I care deeply about depression and its effects, so I will often incorporate an opinion or an experience into my articles. I am also someone who refuses to take life too seriously, and I always try to add a little humour or an anecdote which might bring cheer into my readers' lives.



LATEST POST: 'INCOMPLETE' - a glitch in my writing process and how we all need time for R&R

Briefing and Miscellany





'I thoroughly enjoyed this book - it wasn't what I expected at all. There was time travel, aliens, even the hint of a love story running throughout. The characters were nicely rounded and likeable (apart from those you weren't supposed to like). The novel ended in such a way as to make it clear that there will be at least one sequel. Which I'm pleased about. Very well written and innovative. Well done, P.R. Ford! I look forward to the next instalment.'


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This extraordinary image which was sent to me recently by a reader, is a take on 'Kintell' Church which is a very important location in 'Losing Time'. The actual church where the photo was taken is located in County Wexford, Ireland where it stands in beautiful surroundings; certainly worth a visit if ever you think you have discovered it!



DARTMOOR - one of my favourite places and somewhere which features in 'Losing Time', but not perhaps in a conventional way. This photo, taken in March, shows ponies grazing in the far west of this wonderful National Park.



You may say ‘Universe’. I say ‘Existence’” he replied with infinite patience.”― P R Ford, 'Losing Time'


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