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I am a writer who used to be a Chartered Accountant, so the game has completely changed. I still sit at a desk, but the number keys on my keyboard are no longer worn out with constant use. I rattle away on word-processing software as opposed to designing spreadsheets and compiling accounts. Happiness is… converting all the images and ideas in my imagination into written words and sharing them with my readers.

I love reading stories in which the unexpected happens or things go wrong. Life is full of such twists. So when I began writing ‘Losing Time’ it was more or less inevitable that these two elements would play a major part.



'Losing Time’ was conceived in Ireland.


In 2005 on a visit to County Wexford I stayed in the same hotel where my late father had spent time in the 1930s. In those pre-war days it was still a private house, and he was a close friend of the family who lived there. My father died a long time ago, and I longed to ask him about what it had been like when he was a guest at this beautiful place in Ireland.


One morning I spied a small door in the corner of an elegant room, unmarked and therefore private. I wondered what lay behind the door and imagined walking through it into the past, finding my youthful father in the next room...




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What happens when a married man with a teenage daughter learns he has another child?


What if he travels to a foster home to retrieve his son, but on the return journey something inexplicable prevents them from reaching their destination?

And what if, twenty years on, the daughter receives a cryptic clue to her father’s whereabouts?

‘Losing Time’ is a very human story about a young divorced woman trying to find the father who never returned home. Her search is baffling, unsettling and shrouded in mystery. It takes her on a journey beyond the boundaries of normal life, but don’t expect this story to turn into a run-of-the-mill science-fiction fantasy because it’s anything but. Woven into the intriguing plot are characters both delightful and abhorrent; moments of love and loss, loyalty and betrayal; and the ongoing question: who is chasing whom?





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THE PAPERBACK VERSION of 'Losing Time', is for readers who prefer to hold and enjoy handling a book. Sometimes an e-book is no substitute! This is no run-of-the-mill edition, but a beautifully produced paperback.


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- the sequel to LOSING TIME 


Someone is watching Helen...


“Do you know how much Helen has suffered because of you and that wretched woman, Lily? She’s been really ill. I’ve had to bail her out on more than one occasion... She’s had these – these – visions, if you like, of Lily watching her. Then she had an awful experience in a lift – she thought she was in that spaceship with that invisible man... ” she faltered, trying to remember his name.

“You mean Tobias," he replied.




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My blog is a place where I post articles and photos. Each post contains at least one photo of something which has inspired me to write about it, a reminiscence or a current happening, and a (sometimes spurious) link to my current novel. I am fascinated by the human mind and I care deeply about depression and its effects, so I will often incorporate an opinion or an experience into my articles. I am also someone who refuses to take life too seriously, and I always try to add a little humour or an anecdote which might bring cheer into my readers' lives.



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It's fantasy, but not as you know it - and you'll love it.


You'll find this book in the fantasy section of the book store but there are no swords or sorcery, no hackneyed warriors or magicians. It's fantasy in a truly original form where music and colour have power and time-travelling aliens are destroying the fabric of the universe.


Set in the beautiful countryside of England and Ireland, you will immediately care about Helen who despite losing her father at a young age and her husband to a younger woman has the resilience and determination to persevere and unravel the mysteries unfolding around her. The book has a great plot that keeps you turning the pages but it is the cast of characters that draw you in, grab hold and won't let go.


If you, like me, had almost given up reading fantasy because of the now tired stories of the hero traipsing across an invented world to meet/do battle with elves, goblins, gnomes etc and finally defeat the all powerful evil, then you have to buy this book. It's fantasy but not as you know it and you'll love it. - Well I did.


linda hurley is the author of ‘awakening’ and several other novels. FIND HER ON GOODREADS.







'I thoroughly enjoyed this book - it wasn't what I expected at all. There was time travel, aliens, even the hint of a love story running throughout. The characters were nicely rounded and likeable (apart from those you weren't supposed to like). The novel ended in such a way as to make it clear that there will be at least one sequel. Which I'm pleased about. Very well written and innovative. Well done, P.R. Ford! I look forward to the next instalment.'


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This extraordinary image which was sent to me recently by a reader, is a take on 'Kintell' Church which is a very important location in 'Losing Time'. The actual church where the photo was taken is located in County Wexford, Ireland where it stands in beautiful surroundings; certainly worth a visit if ever you think you have discovered it!



DARTMOOR - one of my favourite places and somewhere which features in 'Losing Time', but not perhaps in a conventional way. This photo, taken in March, shows ponies grazing in the far west of this wonderful National Park.



You may say ‘Universe’. I say ‘Existence’” he replied with infinite patience.”― P R Ford, 'Losing Time'


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