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June used to be a reliable, sunny month - but this year the weather has been strange. First rain, then a period of extreme heat meant that gardening was difficult, but the raspberries are cropping well. June ended with two or three days of damaging wind, which knocked many of my plants for six. Most have been able to be propped up and returned to their original positions, but my climbing roses were severely battered! As July takes over, so do the Buddleias which are beginning to bloom and attract bees and butterflies. Our blue hydrangea is flourishing despite being caught by a late frost in May...

I hope you enjoy the glimpses of my Summer garden.



MAY 2019


When I'm not writing, my second love (other than my family, of course) is my garden. Since we moved to this beautiful site on the edge of Tavistock I have spent countless hours 'setting the scene' for the kind of garden I've always wanted.


In November of 2015 I began a collection of posts on Google+ entitled ‘The Glory of the Garden’. The name is taken from Rudyard Kipling’s poem, and I wanted to share my photos, musings and reflections on the changing seasons in my own garden and others. Since the demise of Google+ in April, 2019 I have found myself missing the collection, and this seems like the ideal place to begin again. Here are some of my photos, beginning in the Spring and Summer of this year.



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