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I am a writer who used to be a Chartered Accountant, so the game has completely changed. I still sit at a desk, but the number keys on my keyboard are no longer worn out with constant use. I rattle away on word-processing software as opposed to designing spreadsheets and compiling accounts. Happiness is… converting all the images and ideas in my imagination into written words and sharing them with my readers.

I love reading stories in which the unexpected happens or things go wrong. Life is full of such twists. So when I began writing ‘Losing Time’ it was more or less inevitable that these two elements would play a major part.


'Losing Time’ was conceived in Ireland.


In 2005 on a visit to County Wexford I stayed in the same hotel where my late father had spent time in the 1930s. In those pre-war days it was still a private house, and he was a close friend of the family who lived there. My father died a long time ago, and I longed to ask him about what it had been like when he was a guest at this beautiful place in Ireland.


One morning I spied a small door in the corner of an elegant room, unmarked and therefore private. I wondered what lay behind the door and imagined walking through it into the past, finding my youthful father in the next room...

Why read my books?


DO YOU ENJOY a puzzle or love surprises? Because in my books things rarely go the way you might expect. Like life, plans go wrong and outcomes can be shocking. Some events delve back into the past to attempt to solve the mystery. Others move forward into the present to provide more consternation.


Characters discover they are not who they think they are, and neither are their friends or even those closest to them. People move from normal everyday life across the boundaries of time and space, and in so doing create even more predicaments, adding to the confusion.


I hope you will love this, will want to understand what is happening, but will be so mesmerised by the narrative, so attracted to some of the characters and so concerned by their fate that you cannot stop reading!


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5* RATING from author Linda Hurley... i't was amazing

The sequel to Losing Time was everything I expected and more. You could read it as a stand-alone but why would you? I'm a firm believer in having your cake and eating it too. In Stopping Time P.R Ford has spun another gripping tale I found hard to put down.
Containing all my favourite characters from Losing Time and some interesting new ones, there are unexpected twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages. When I closed the back cover with a satisfied sigh all that was left was the hope there will be a third book in the not too distant future.
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